This protocol will help remove the negative effects from the field, reinstate healthy chakras, defrag the dark energy, reconnect the soul to the body and support people back into their organic blueprint, without compromising the immunity effect Chakras that are filled with mucus and miasma Blocked Chakras 1,2,3,4,6,7 are still or have very limited movement Chakra 5 spins anti-clockwise, removing people from accessing truth Loss of intuition and trust of self The soul detaches from the body Spiritual fragmentation, creating a disconnection of consciousness Miasma and mucus in the brain causing brain fog THE CORRESPONDING PHYSICAL SYMPTOMS OF THE VACCINATION AND SHEDDING CAN INCLUDE: Pain or swelling at the injection site Feeling tired or fatigued Menstrual cycle irregularity Headache Muscle aches Chills Joint pain Fever Nausea Autoimmune diseases Myocarditis As You’re Aware, Anything That’s Held in the Energy Field Then Feeds Down to the Physical, and Everything That’s Held in the Physical Feeds Up to the Energy Field.