Midwife to the SOUL

I am a woman of deep embodied wisdom devoted to creating a world of Environmental Harmony, Spiritual Alignment and Equality in Humanity.

My deep connection with Gaia enables me to facilitate your connection to you… feet first into life.

As a Spirit Medicine Woman over three decades, I have embraced the path of a barefoot earth walker, navigating the realms of spirituality, healthcare, and holistic healing.

In a state of humble surrender, I’ve traversed the globe, dedicatedly facilitating transformative clinics, workshops, and retreats.

A Crone oracle adorned with the wisdom of embodiment, my untamed wise hair symbolizes the flowing river of insight I offer as a Midwife to the Soul.

Since 1993, a spontaneous spiritual awakening illuminated the essence of enlightenment within, a beacon I’ve devoted my life to embodying.

My journey is a sacred devotion, guiding others to kindle their inner light and birth into the harmonious frequencies of the New Earth, Embodied

Unveiling Your Inner Light: A Quantum Journey with Janine

Imagine a symphony of sacred sounds, not of this world, yet resonating deep within your soul. This is the essence of Janine’s quantum healing with light language. She acts as a conduit, channeling divine energy that transcends human speech. These luminous frequencies, woven with the gentle touch of her healing hands, create a potent resonance that reaches the very core of your being.

It’s a cellular awakening. As the vibrations course through you, they activate dormant parts of your DNA, stirring memories of your inherent purpose. It’s a profound homecoming, a reconnection with the unconditional love that is your birthright.

Janine is an intuitive guide, attuned to the whispers of your soul. Together, you co-create a sacred space for healing, one that encompasses your physical form, your emotional landscape, your mental clarity, and your spiritual essence. Each session is as unique as you are, reflecting Janine’s unwavering commitment to integrity and the purest form of energetic transformation.

It’s more than a treatment; it’s a collaboration. Janine finds her greatest joy in witnessing your inner light unfold, and she offers her unwavering support as you walk your path of healing. Being Soul led , you in the flow of you .

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Tauranga, New Zealand

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