Freedom Embodied

Soul Freedom expanding into Joy!

As a Soul Embodiment Practitioner, I draw upon a diverse range of healing modalities to support your journey towards embodied spirituality. 

Breathwork, I guide you to tap into the power of your breath, allowing it to become a transformative force in clearing stagnant energy and promoting profound healing. Connecting with the cosmic flow above and below.

Sound healing is another potent modality I incorporate into my practice. By harnessing the vibrational frequencies of sound, I facilitate deep relaxation, energetic realignment, and emotional release. The gentle vibrations of sound waves work to harmonise your energy field, promoting a state of balance and harmony within your being.     What is light language?

Movement therapy
, yet another modality I utilise, encourages you to reconnect with your body and release stored tension and trauma. Through gentle exercises,yin yoga ,dance and intentional movement, we will work together to alleviate stress, fears, and anxieties, while enhancing body awareness and promoting a sense of connection and grounding.

By integrating these healing practices, I assist you in shifting your focus from the constantly chattering mind to the wisdom of your soul. Through soul-led embodiment, you will cultivate a profound connection with your inner self, drawing upon your intuitive and sensory capacities to navigate life’s challenges with grace and resilience.

Blue Cosmic Fibonacci Spiral

Spirit Medicine Woman

As a Spirit Medicine Woman, I hold sacred space for your healing journey, guiding you to access the deep, transformative medicine of Spirit. Grounded in ancient wisdom and modern techniques, my approach blends the intellectual with the intuitive, the logical with the mystical, and the tangible with the ethereal.

Embodied spirituality is not just a concept; it is a transformative way of being that supports your personal growth and evolution. Through my intuitive guidance and the power of these various healing modalities, I facilitate the process of integration and embodiment, assisting you in aligning your body, mind, and spirit.

Allow me to be your guide on this sacred journey towards wholeness and self-discovery. Together, we will unlock the innate wisdom that resides within you, paving the way for profound healing, transformation, and the embodiment of your true soul essence., your joyous soul purpose .

Midwife to The New Earth

My deep connection with Gaia enables me to facilitate your connection to you… feet first into life.

‘”Janine says she is a revealer not a healer; she guides you to remember your own magnificence.’”

 Without question Janine is at the forefront of New Energy Leadership and an experience with her will propel you forward on your own journey.

Past Life Integration

Trauma therapy, a more gentle way .

What’s stuck in your cellular memory ?

Past life integration is a holistic approach that aims to resolve any unresolved issues or traumas from past lives that may be affecting one’s current life. It is based on the belief that we carry forward unresolved emotions, patterns, and memories from previous lifetimes which can impact our present lives. By integrating these past life experiences, one can find healing, growth, and transformation in their current life.

The process of past life integration involves exploring and exploring past life memories and experiences through various techniques such as regression therapy, guided meditation, or intuitive readings. These techniques help to access the subconscious mind where past life memories are stored.

During a past life integration session, we explore these past life memories and I guide  you through the process of understanding and healing any unresolved emotions or patterns that may have carried forward into this current life. In a  safe and supportive environment for the client to integrate these past life experiences into their present reality.

By integrating past life memories, individuals can gain insight into their current life challenges, relationships, and patterns. They can identify and release any old traumas, fears, or limiting beliefs that are no longer serving them. This process can lead to personal growth, emotional healing, improved relationships, increased self-awareness, and a greater sense of purpose and fulfillment in life.

Past life integration can be beneficial for individuals seeking deeper self-understanding, spiritual growth, or healing from specific challenges or emotional blocks. It can help gain clarity on your  life purpose, heal past wounds, release karmic patterns, and create a more positive empowered future.

Let your guides show you the deeper you

Past life integration , wow I never believed this could be a possibility until I had my first recall , it was so profound and healing that I went on to have many more, and now I facilitate these

Tauranga, New Zealand

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