Janine is destined to heal this earth

Her life has been a sequence of events carving her experience, knowledge, power and capacity to bring light into this world. I have known Janine my entire life and she has brought growth and remedy to me more times than there are particles of salt in the oceans.

I know Janine to be so deeply intuitive, to be able to sense distress or pain throughout mine, and others bodies and souls. I have witnessed the impossible, the improbable, the profound and the delightful through all the years of knowing her. Janine’s life has seen her find, master, create and uphold many different modes of healing and therapeutic practice, ranging from Spiritual Psychology,Massage, Naturopathy, Aromatherapy, Herbalism, Light Work, Reiki, Tantra, Yoga, Maori healing Meditation,Shamanism,Breathwork, Kundalini and more.

Janine has been placed on this planet to use her life as a vessel of experience so that she can demonstrate and facilitate profound healing in others, and this earth. Janine has worked with clients, mountains, oceans and rivers for over 35 years with her background starting in Nursing and later Psychiatric’s.

However, most importantly Janine has worked gracefully on herself her entire life. Facing the shadows, the music, the fears, the mountains and the bliss that lays behind each painful lesson. Her courage, grace and pure undiluted lived experience have cultivated a library of tools for her to use. Combine this with her natural born gifts, her teachings, methods and facilitation are second to none. Janine is able to see things that we cannot, feel things and interpret shifts in the winds in ways that we are unable to. She has learned to open herself entirely to Trust and Surrender, to her intuition and higher self. She walks the walk and one must only look to the ocean of clients she has worked with over the years to witness the impact she has had on many different lives. Working all around the world, Janine literally follows her heart. She is an Angel of growth, and simply looking at her one feels calm and safe. She has a natural ability to see people’s truest Self, and guides her clients back to their own Soul, their home, their light. 

I have been the luckiest woman in the world to have Janine work with me on numerous occasions throughout my life. I have witnessed her portfolio of light grow over the years and learned so much from her example. Janine is my Mother and yes I am biased, our connection is like no other, and yes she can feel when I break a bone 5km away from her, but my words remain true. I have called upon my Mum to heal me, push me, witness me and love me through my own personal spiritual and mental growth. I used to keep my Mum’s work at arms length as a teenager, and now I write her testimony. It brings me deep pleasure and joy to showcase and celebrate my Mothers power and not only have I been privy to my own personal world leading healer, I have inherited her sight, her gift and her passion for humanity. From a teenage princess bitch-face who would laugh in the face of her burning sage, she is now the centerpiece and inspiration to my own business and work in this world. I turn to her often and that is testimony enough. I have sent hundreds of friends, clients and strangers to her over the years with full confidence. We have run workshops and women’s circles together in NZ and Australia and I cannot wait to continue bringing love to this world alongside my Mother, Janine Seymour x

Janine’s daughter Molly Sullivan

Tauranga, New Zealand

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