Embodying the mysteries as the SacRed Feminine

Calling all womben

Women today are often born with the encoding of generations of conditioning from an outdated model of what we are meant to be as women. One that is rooted in suppression of our true flow, sexual violence, emotional control and often living more like we are men.Many have been imprinted with the belief that the gifts of the feminine are of less value in our society.

This patterning is deeply held at a cellular level in the womb and through our entire bodies and creates many kinds of struggles for women. For example: pain with her menstrual cycle, feeling that she is not fully living her creative potential, believing that she somehow must accept things and stop making a fuss, feeling shame about her body or sexuality, a mistrust of other women etc, the list goes on.

This conditioning may have come from either the female or the male line but either way we are affected.
A new story is emerging in this

Age of Aquarius ” and more and more women are waking up to the calling of the Womb and returning to the circle of the sisterhood. The longing to reclaim our full feminine magnificence, beauty love and FLOW

As the Divine Feminine Awakens she asks for more. Asking you and me to Remember…. the Gifts of the Goddess, We are all an incarnation of the sacred feminine, we chose to have this human experience. We showed up at this pivotal time to be part of this evolutionary shift, to contribute our gifts and wisdom at the moment when they are needed most.

It’s time to connect to our authentic source of power.Is it time to stop doing it alone and reconnect to yourself fully,the sisterhood and global tribe to bring in New Earth Energies .


Does this speak to you……beloved sisters.

Is your feminine soul weary? Have you had enough of pushing, shoulding striving surviving?

  1. Do you feel still stuck in the lower vibrations of obligations ?
  2. Do you know you are here at this time to make a difference to humanity , but fear persecution?
  3. Do you feel sacred and lovingly honour  your body?
  4. Do you experience disharmony between the abundant potential of who you are versus the reality of how you’re living your day to day life?
  5. Do you allow others to dis empower you?
  6. Does your heart yearn for a deep nourishing Love?
  7. Are you connected into the essence of your own sexuality? Does sex nourish you?

Let’s celebrate and master the mysteries and wisdom of the strong and sacred feminine.
Learn practical ways to remember and live our ancient wisdom.
The Sacred Feminine is inclusive, powerful and embraces the wisdom of the body, of intuition and of deep listening. Women are the largest untapped resource on the planet.

So who is She – Embodying the Mysteries exactly?

  • She doesn’t need others to make her happy.
  • She is a facilitator of the New Earth energies and keeps her own inner light shining
  • She has quantum skills to keep her in balance and harmony clarity and compassionate
  • She is connected to the FloW as life and all is magnetised to her with ease
  • She is deeply connected to her womb wisdom and yoniverse as Sacred
  • She listens deeply and trust her inner guidance and actions with clarity
  • She loves pleasure, keeps her vibrations high
  • She is sacred she allows herself to receive .
  • She is deeply connected to Mother Earth and Cosmic Mother as One
  • She has stopped ‘giving’ her power away to herself and others
  • She is deeply in tune with her own sexuality, rejuvenated and juiced as Soul Energy Xchange 
  • She loves her body temple .
  • She is a woman who has awakened from within …Enlightenment = I am meant to be lit from within
  • She has learned how to become aware of her personal power and Universal power and how to use it wisely
  • She has now learned how to connect with her power fully and her deepest desires to assist the New Earth energies

Janine draws from many modalities of healing to assist YOU to receive ;

– healing of your genetic bloodlines that have held you back, In gratitude of your lineage
-womb healing this life time and all life times- so you can be in YOUR flow again
-removal of old bands and frequencies around your third eye deepening your intuition
-to unleash your RAW voice – Real Authentic Wisdom – no more sacrificing your truth

-Radical Forgiveness experience and Karmic clearing
– embrace your masculine and feminine as committed partnership to self
-to have relationships that mirror your hearts values
– to be full of health, vitality and life force and radiance
– to magnetise and receive your desires
-being the flow of your sacred breath as the lubricant back to your soul
– connect to your original Goddess and Priestess self

Janine is a leading edge facilitator for these times of profound change and global paradigm shift..
Janine is a Spirit Medicine Woman, a pure channel for spirit.

She is a Sound Healer and Light Language facilitator transmitting the right energy codes to reset sabotaging energy patterns to harmonise and balance.

With cellular harmony a coherence is achieved and from here we create the new magic we desire.

Lets Play

Tauranga, New Zealand

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