Ancestral Freedom

Honouring and releasing ancient bloodlines

It takes immense inner work for you to get to this point where you get to understand your lineage, it is to be honored it has brought you here,also time to let go .  

Have you experienced this in the last few years, wondering at times what is holding you back? Science is proving that this  is one of these reasons, you wonder why sometimes it is a struggle to find your enlightenment . Inner harmony .

To understand, let’s start at the beginning,how far does our lineage go back , some think in terms of our modern day human self or Atlanta’s etc,it goes far far back to the original spiritual family.

This is the core: the true lineage started when you identified with a group as it is still to this day , it is still so much of the core of who we are.

So we bring this to earth with us, then we take biology on earth a big step.

When we took the first birth, then we are in biological incarnation, we are there until you come to our freedom , until we realize our sovereignty or we recognise your enlightenment.

‘I am meant to be lit from within’

What is important to recognise is that so much of what we have been battling with, is not ours, we have had a predisposition to  many things.

Predisposition to our physical look from our family, we have been predisposed to a lot of attitudes,we know depression runs in the blood lines

There are obvious,biology predispositions like a healthy heart, heart attack to cholesterol to weight level, a predisposition carried down your blood line, many have spent a lot of time fighting things that really are not yours

They are ancestral Pre dispositions – so when you try to fight them it’s very difficult and it doesn’t work very well as they are so ingrained in the blood line and until we release these things are stuck in us.

Predisposition to weight, lots of you have been trying to lose it ,it’s in the bloodline, you have been carrying around a lot of biologically, emotionally,physically,intellectually strengths and weaknesses. It’s so frustrating as many of us know as we have days when we ask “what am i battling against” “what is this uphill battle” “when will it end”

Science meets Spirituality

Until we address the bloodline from where we have come all the way back to our spiritual family, we are carrying things that don’t belong to us .That at times are too overwhelming to battle and fight.

So as insightful as this is and as liberating as this can be, many people will not allow themselves to go beyond, you think about it and you have heard this all before, suddenly we come to this point right now ” Are you ready to release” ?

What you are doing here is so very important , what you are doing now is a very big step … a very big step into enlightenment a huge step for you

A huge step for Humanity …

Ancestral Freedom Activation  is $250.00 per hour

Tauranga, New Zealand

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